Student Leadership


Brea Canyon High School is proud to offer Coyotes the opportunity to create, collaborate, and communicate as school leaders by participating in our ten (10) credit Student Leadership elective course.  Students will work together along with their Student Leadership teacher in building Coyote spirit on campus and within our Brea community.  Our goal is to engage students to not only become more connected to their education at Brea Canyon High School and to their surrounding community, but to develop positive citizenship skills as active participants of a more global society.

Some activities our BCHS student leaders have organized include:
  • Annual Brea Canyon T-shirt Design Contest;
  • Annual Brea Canyon Thanksgiving Food Drive;
  • Annual Brea Canyon Christmas Donations Drive;
  • Annual Brea Canyon Letters to Heroes/Operation Gratitude;
  • Annual Brea Canyon Fire & Police Challenge;
  • Planning and organizing quarterly school spirit week activities;
  • Planning and organizing monthly student vs staff sports tournaments;
  • Production and editing of monthly/quarterly student newsletter - The HOWL