Q   Is independent study easier than a traditional high school?
 Some students work better independent of the classroom teacher.  Other students require daily instruction from a classroom teacher.  In some cases, independent study is more difficult for students.
Q   Can I earn credits faster than at other schools?
A   For the highly motivated student, it may be possible to accelerate their classes and possibly graduate early.
Q   When do I attend school?
A   Students make weekly appointments between Monday and Thursday 7:30am and 12:30pm.  
Q   Can a student attend class more than once per week?
A   Yes, if a student needs additional instruction or help, they may attend more than once per week.
Q   What if I miss a weekly appointment?
A   Students are required to attend at least once per week.  If a student must miss their weekly appointment, then they are required to make up that appointment in the same week.
Q   Is independent study an accredited program?
A   Yes, independent study is an accredited program through BOHS and BCHS as well as clearinghouse approved.
For additional information regarding the independent study program, please contact the independent study program teacher or the school counselor.