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Introduction to Independent Study

The primary aim of independent study is to individualize the educational plan for students whose needs may best be met through study outside the traditional classroom setting.  Independent study is a highly personalized form of instruction that offers a high degree of flexibility and individualization.  Independent study is NOT a credit recovery program.  Success in independent study requires motivation and a strong commitment on the part of the student and, especially for a young student, his/her parents or guardian.
Independent study utilizes an instructional strategy that addresses individual needs and styles of learning.  A contractual agreement is made between the certificated teacher as the general instructional supervisor, the student and his/her parent or guardian.  This agreement sets educational objectives, resources to be made available and a method to evaluate successful completion of the agreement.  Students meet with the classroom teacher at least once per week for 2-3 hours.
Independent study is not for everyone.  The student's basic skills must be a level that will allow the student to complete a majority of their work independently from the classroom teacher.  The student must also have sufficient self-discipline to remain focused on a learning task long enough to reach specific, agreed upon objectives such as daily and weekly assignments.  Independent study students may take online based courses through APEX, classes at BOHS (limited to 2), courses at local community colleges and ROP classes.