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IS Admission Procedure

Who is eligible for independent study?
  • Students 18 years or younger who, for a variety of reasons, need targeted instructions to fill in the gaps in their learning or make up limited credits.
  • Gifted students who are not challenged in their regular classrooms and/or wish to accelerate their studies.
  • Students who face challenges that make classroom attendance difficult such as unique health issues or the need to maintain a job.
  • Students who need an individualized approach that allows them to delve more deeply into areas of special interest.
  • Students who possess basic academic skills and a level of commitment, motivation, organizational skills and self-direction not unlike the level required by college-level classes.
  • Positive attendance, 2.0 GPA or higher, not credit deficient.
  • Families who reside within the BOUSD boundaries.
How to enroll in independent study?
  •  First, the student and parent must contact their BOHS counselor to set up a meeting to discuss the option of independent study as well as other options.  If the school counselor determines that independent study is a viable option, then they will provide the independent study teacher with a referral for IS.  A team guidance meeting will be required prior to the approval of a referral.  
  • Student or parent may then contact the independent study teacher to set up an appointment to meet with both the parent and student to discuss if independent study is the appropriate placement for the student.
  • If independent study is determined to be the best placement for the student, then the student and parent must check out of BOHS or BCHS by dropping their classes and returning their textbooks to their respective library.
  • Meet with independent study teacher to sign the IS Student Agreement and receive their first assignment.